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DPRG: Multiplexing sonars

Subject: DPRG: Multiplexing sonars
From: James Vroman vroman at mail.airmail.net
Date: Fri Sep 17 11:57:34 CDT 1999

Roger arrick did an article for one of the old DPRG Newsletters that I 
made PDF's of and sent to Eric Yunt.

I will have to find them again at home.

Dan Miner wrote:
> The sonars use about 400 volts (yes, four hundred!) .
> I know of no easy way to do this.  Drilbert uses 2
> sonar boards with 2 transducers.  I would suggest
> always using 1 board per transducer and then muxing
> the sonars on the digital end (easy 5V).
>                 - Dan
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> Subject: DPRG: Multiplexing sonars
> I am thinking on how to add the sonars to Beerbot. Somebody had thought
> of multiplexing the tranducers from the single control board. Ideas on
> the best way to do that. I looked at some multiplexers/demultiplexors.
> What voltage do the transducer operate at. The ones I looked at can
> control a signal that is 20 volt peak to peak.
> I had hear that these produce a fair amount of voltage.
> Relays would also work.
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