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DPRG: Multiplexing sonars

Subject: DPRG: Multiplexing sonars
From: DP w008403 at airmail.net
Date: Fri Sep 17 13:02:42 CDT 1999

There's some notes and code about multiplexing 8 or 16 sonars to a 6.270
board which might be useful at :
Check the assembly(ouch) code sonar & mux driver link. The code is
documented with connection notes and PC board layout seems to be available
in postscript (still haven't loaded ghostscript so don't know for sure).

At 09:50 AM 9/17/99 -0500, you wrote:
>     I am thinking on how to add the sonars to Beerbot. Somebody had
>thought of multiplexing the tranducers from the single control board. Ideas
>on the best way to do that. I looked at some multiplexers/demultiplexors.
>What voltage do the transducer operate at. The ones I looked at can control
>a signal that is 20 volt peak to peak.  I had hear that these produce a
>fair amount of voltage.    Relays would also work.  
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