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DPRG: Meeting tomorrow

Subject: DPRG: Meeting tomorrow
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Fri Sep 17 18:24:09 CDT 1999


We would love to have you here. You make a good argument for the time.

I haven't heard about the walls being up but we are having a get ready
for the
contest, meeting. My guess is we will have the walls at least setup in a
small course.

There seem to be only a few robots ready to roll. Pepsi kid around,
illness, complete rebuilds, etc. have minnimized the participants, at
least for
October 23 we will have a contest at the Scinece Place, our first there!

Parallax, Inc (Ken Gracy and another person) will attend and bring about

20 F.I..R.S.T. Educators from their Educator;s conference I am helping

We need to get some robots rolling for that date to meet the public's
and other's expectations.

F.I..R.S.T. is the big brother of  Best in Scinence and Technology
which is Texas wide. HS students and industry colunteers building robots

with donated parts, all the same, and participating in a contest to win
and an area title. FIRST is National.

Bottom line I'd say is do the thing that will get you ready to compete
Be sure and come see us then, OK!

Robert Jordan
DPRG 99 Sec.
Parallax, Inc. dealer



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