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DPRG: Welcome "Tiny Tinkerer"

Subject: DPRG: Welcome "Tiny Tinkerer"
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Sat Sep 18 09:58:56 CDT 1999


>My interest is in tiny robots, as in the
>size of a butterfly or small bird and I'm setting up a personal lab

Welcome to the group. We need your input and ideas. Shareing them and
learning from each other  is what the club is all about.

The best mechanical, hardwared, machining, builder, guy in the
club is Barry Jordan, not immediate family to me. He has a  lath, mill,
that he lets the club use. You might want to contact him
as he is very resourceful in locating info and mechanical things.

I have a small Sherline lathe and mill if we need to microsize
modify some of your stuff.

See you at the meeting
Robert Jordan
DPRG 99 Sec.


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