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[Re: DPRG: Pan/Tilt Joints]

Subject: [Re: DPRG: Pan/Tilt Joints]
From: Dennis Evans sagewriter at usa.net
Date: Sun Sep 19 08:58:09 CDT 1999

Thanks. I'm trying to avoid ball joints - too much freedom. I'll have to take
another look at universal joints. I might just cannibalize two small camera
tripods from Wolf Camera even though that raises the cost.

Dennis Evans

"barry jordan" <barry_jordan at email.msn.com> wrote:

>Most roboteers use off the shelf products from their local airplane or RC
>car hobby store, to roll their own.

>They have plastic hinges, ball and socket joints, small threaded rods, >etc.

>The same STUFF to control the ailerons, elevators and rudders of RC

>If you want to get real fancy, try using some of those little universal
>joints, to roll your own.

>Hope this helps.

>Barry Jordan
>Happy Trails To You


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