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Revision 1.0 - Robotic Presentations Signup List

Subject: Revision 1.0 - Robotic Presentations Signup List
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Tue Sep 21 07:41:19 CDT 1999

Clay & Meredith,Here is the revised Presentation List. Meredith,

Could you get us a copy of the Volunteer form?  Perhaps we could get it in a EMail format so we can send it to you ASAP.
If you need hard copy mail me an orignal or the MSWord file and I'll print it. That way we can FAX it to volunteers and then back to you.

Does the info look good to you!

Robert Jordan
(972) 964-3488 hm
rljordan at airmail.net

Robotic Presentations at The Science Place
- --------------------------------------------------

The Science Place would like for us to help out, especially during the State Fair of Texas. They have come up with two ways to do this. Robotic Presentations, this list, and Volunteer Work.Clay is working on the Volunteer List and you will see it later.

The Robotic Presentations list idea works like this.
1.  Schedule a time you would like to show off your robotic stuff at The Science Place.
2.  Find a partner if you want company or help.
3.  Put your name on this "Volunteer List" at  DPRGlist at DPRG.org. and Email it.
4.  Fill out a volunteer form from The Science Place and get it back to them. (I'll try to get this form in Email format and send it out on the list. Otherwise contact Meredith at the Scinece Place for it.)
5.  Schedule some time to get the "Introduction to The Science Place" class. It takes about 30 minutes and is scheduled on Thursday (9/23) this week from  6-8pm at the Science Place. If you miss the class, schedule to go in early and get it.6.  Contact
the Science Place direcly, a day or two in advance,  if you cannot keep your committment.7.  They asked that we wear Khaki (tan) pants and a blue shirt, their colors I think.
8.  Talk to the Muesum visitors about your work, robotics, and the DPRG.
9.  Go home proud that you helped the public, The Science Place, and future exhibits a the Science Place. They get matching funds for volunteerÂ’s time!
10.   Thanks for you help

- -----------------------
Clay Timmons, Erick Yundt, Barry Jordan, Robert Jordan

The Science Place CONTACTS:
- ---------------------------------
Meredith  Volunteer Coordinator
Jeff Courtman  Exhibits Coordinator

- -------------------------------------You can call The Science Place  214.428.5555 ext.342 this is  Meredith's extension.-Access to the grounds are free. Just tell them you are a Science Place volunteer.
- -Parking in free, albeit some distance from the building. You can make drop off arrangements.
- -Length of time to work can vary. An on going or self explaining exhibit is best. You know, sort of like a Science Experiment, just less formal.

As usual, David Anderson is leading the club with the "first spot".
LetÂ’s pitch in to help the Science Place and get some good stuff togather to show. It will help the DPRG too.
Robert Jordan,  DPRG Sec. 1999
                    Robotic Presentations Signup List
                            for The Science Place

DAY        DATE          Person    Phone/Email
- ---        ----          --------  ----------------------------
Saturday,  9/25
Sunday,    9/26

Week        9/27 - 10/1
Saturday,  10/2          David Anderson
Sunday,    10/3

Week       10/4 - 10/8
Saturday,  10/9
Sunday,    10/10

Week       10/11 - 1015
Saturday,  10/16
Sunday,    10/17

Week       10/18 - 10/22
Saturday,  10/23
Sunday,    10/24

Week       10/25 - 10/29
Saturday,  10/30
Sunday,    10/31

Week       11/1 - 11/5
Saturday,  11/6
Sunday,    11/7

Week       11/8 - 11/12
Saturday,  11/13
Sunday,    11/14

Week       11/15 - 11/19
Saturday,  11/20
Sunday,    11/21

Week       11/22 - 11/26
Saturday,  11/27
Sunday,    11/28

Week       11/29 - 12/3
Saturday,  12/4
Sunday,    12/5

Week       12/6 -12/10
Saturday,  12/11
Sunday,    12/12

Week       12/13 -12/17
Saturday,  12/18
Sunday,    12/19

Week       12/20 - 12/24
Saturday,  12/25
Sunday,    12/26

Week       12/27 - 12/31
Saturday,  1/1
Sunday,    1/2

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