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DPRG: detector for encoder wheel

Subject: DPRG: detector for encoder wheel
From: Robert L. Jordan rljordan at airmail.net
Date: Fri Sep 24 08:26:22 CDT 1999


2 answers:

1. Nuts & Volts June page 70  show how to use 2 very small QRB1114 IR Reflective
sensors with a 74HCT14 Schmidt trigger for a Quadrature encoder.

2. I have made a PCB that mounts with the 2 screws on the end of a standard
Servo. It uses the 14 pin DIP, 2 QRD1114s and 4 resistors, and a 5 pin
connector. I use the same pin out, as IRPROX that Jeff Koenig put on the DPRG
site as, for all my Sensor connections.

Dennis Draheim and I are working to get it going with a 16F84 so we can talk to
the 2 R/C servo "gearhead" motors and 2 encoders with a TTL, Half-duplex, serial
2 wire connection. I have the PCB in Eagle if you want it.

As far as the wheel encoder printing, James Vroman  gave me a copy of  the
"Encoder" software in Windows. He got if off of an Seattle Robotics Email I
think. It works in Post script (filename.PS) and I can't get it working.
Want it?

Keep us updated on your progress!

Robert Jordan

Brad Garton wrote:

> I am looking at adding the encoder wheels to my new motors on Tom Servo:
> Any body have suggestions on small, self enclosed, easy to find, cheap
> detectors.
> (any three of the above would do)
> Also someone had a link to a pdf or gif file for a good encode wheel. I want
> to print this onto a CD label and stick it directly on the back of my wheel.
> Anyone know where the link is?
> I have heard about the Hamamatsu P2255 and P5587, but can't find any data
> sheets or a source to order these anyone know where to get them?
> Brad


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