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DPRG: Clearance Stuff

Subject: DPRG: Clearance Stuff
From: Alan Bredon alanb at cryogen.com
Date: Fri Sep 24 10:02:19 CDT 1999

Check out Altex today!

Altex Electronics has a whole bunch of prototyping stuff on clearance,
such as rub-on PCB art work, (can also be used for direct etch) $0.50
were $3.  I use these to repair my inkjet art.

They also have "SurfBoards" which are ProtoBoard adapters for PLCC. 
I saw 44 and 68 pin ones there for $3.00!  They were $20!

They have some test leads, and some adaptable (configurable) ZIF sockets
for Pin Grid Arrays for $3, and some ZIF sockets for ZIPs.

Altex is also good for a vast array of relays and relay sockets.



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