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Subject: DPRG: Ruddigore
From: Kipton Moravec kmoravec at airmail.net
Date: Sun Sep 26 21:41:03 CDT 1999

I was planning to drop out of the Texas Gilbert & Sullivan Company's
production of Ruddigore because I did not have much time.  But they lost
a couple of men and I was pressed into service.

Ruddigore looks like it will be a really good show, if it comes
together. :)  With one week to go I always wonder, and sure enough the
shows always seem to work out by opening night.

Ruddigore is comedy. The first Baron of Ruddigore enjoyed burning
witches, and one witch put a curse on the family, where the Baron must
commit one crime per day or die an agonizing death. Twenty three barons
later when the play takes place the current Baron of Ruddigore is most
feared in the community.  (Typical melodrama bad guy.)  It turns out
that he is actually the second son of the 22nd because the first son had
died, or so they thought.  The first son was leading a normal life as a
farmer. Anyway the title and curse is eventually transfered to the first
son, who is not very good at being evil.  His daily crimes include such
things as "cheating on his taxes" and "disinheriting his unborn son",
and not doing a crime on a "bank holiday". 

He gets a visit from his dead ancestors who come out of their paintings,
and want to make sure that he is following the rules of the curse, and
they show him what happens if he does not follow the rules.

Does the Baron die a terrible death? Or does he break the spell? Does he
get the girl? What about the ghosts? To find out come see the

October 1-3 Garland Performing Arts center. 
Next two weekends Lakewood Theater.
(8:00 p.m. Fri. Sat., 2:30 Sunday)

I can get you tickets for $10 on October 1 and 3 only.  Give me a call
and I will get you the tickets.  This price is good only through
September 30.  Normal prices are $17 - $25.

If you want tickets call me at 214-929-8121 anytime.



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