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DPRG: SONAR beacon

Subject: DPRG: SONAR beacon
From: Tom Raz Tom.Raz at email.swmed.edu
Date: Tue Sep 28 11:21:32 CDT 1999

Here is some stuff I found on the web.  I've never used any of it... hope it helps.

Beacon Triangulation Lab Kit

Visual Object Localization for Mobile Robots

Navigating Mobile Robots
    Borenstein, Everett, Feng 
    1996, ISBN 1-56881-058-X, Paperback, 240 pp, $44.00 
This book surveys the state of the art in sensors, systems, methods and technologies utilized by
    a mobile robot to determine its position in the environment. The many potential "solutions" are
    roughly categorized into two groups: relative and absolute position measurements. The first
    includes odometry and inertial navigation; the second comprises active beacons, artificial and
    natural landmark recognition, and model matching. The authors compare and analyze these
    different methods based on technical publications and on commercial product and patent
    information. Comparison is centered around the following criteria: accuracy of position and
    orientation measurements, equipment needed, cost, sampling rate, effective range, computational
    power required, processing needs, and other special features. No robotics hobbyist or professional
    should be without this extraordinarily comprehensive look at robot positioning. 

>>> "James Andrew Smith (Onnimikki!)" <jasmith at ee.ualberta.ca> 09/28/99 10:04AM >>>

I'm trying to set up a beacon for my robot so that it can detect a target
(the beacon) 10+ ft away.  I had originally thought of using Polaroid
SONARs to set up the beacon, but it requires mucking around a little too
much with the control lines...

Does anyone out there know of a beaconing system (SONAR or otherwise) that
might work?



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