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DPRG: October meeting

Subject: DPRG: October meeting
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Tue Sep 28 14:13:13 CDT 1999


The Oct 2nd meeting is in addition to our contest the 23rd.
It is my intention to have the full course setup for trail runs
however I will have to coordinate with Alan Sosby on this.
Also I will be running late this Saturday and will need someone
to fill in for me.  Eric? Robert?

I'm in town all week and working furiously on my robot to
get it ready for trail runs this Saturday.

I just called Meridith to see if she can make the meeting
since she missed the last one.   If not perhaps we can just
have DPRG members go over to the science place right
after the meeting for volunteer orientation.

See ya Saturday,

- -Clay Timmons-

David Philip Anderson wrote:

> Howdy
> I'm confused about the scheduled DPRG meetings in October.
> RoboFest 1999b is scheduled for October 23 at the Science Place.
> Is this a replacement for the scheduled October 2 meeting at BPI,
> or in addition to the BPI meeting?
> If the latter, is the full contest course to be set up for the
> October 2 meeting for a pre Science Place run-through as discussed?
> Or is this what already happened at the September 18th meeting at BPI?
> I'm supposed to give a robo-talk at the fair on October 2nd.  If there
> is a DPRG meeting at BPI on the 2nd and the contest course will be set up
> then, I'm going to try to arrange the talk around the scheduled meeting.
> Clay? Ed?
> cheers,
> dpa


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