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DPRG: 99b rule change recommendations

Subject: DPRG: 99b rule change recommendations
From: Ed Koffeman koffeman at airmail.net
Date: Tue Sep 28 16:16:45 CDT 1999

OK, Clay.
I'll update them and post them.

Ed Koffeman
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>From: Clay Timmons <ctimmons at cadence.com>
To: <dprglist at dprg.org>
Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 1999 3:20 PM
Subject: DPRG: 99b rule change recommendations

> I reviewed the rules for all three events.   I hope to compete
> in all three and I have the following suggestions for rule updates.
> General Rules -   Robot dimension, weight limits, safety,
>                                   event timing, judging, scoring, entry
>                                   awards, prizes etc.     Did not see this
section on the web.
> Line Follower -   Change name to Line Following.
>                                Clarification needed on scoring of
"Cognitive Navigation".
>                                Line following is line following
>                                The only "cognitive" thing I can see is if
the robot
>                                 recognizes the end on the line and stops.
>                                 I recommend changing the scoring from
>                                 "Cognitive Navigation" to "Stops at end of
> T-Time   -  Clarification needed    "...visit both Area 'B' and 'C'..."
>                         should say visit Area 'B' then area 'C'  since the
>                         skills tested are supposed to be sequential goal
>                         Clarification needed "Cognitive Navigation"
>                         Any bystander can read the score sheet and
>                         understand it except for "Cognitive Navigation"
>                         I think the intention of this is to seperate
>                         dead reconing (open loop) navigation from
>                         wall following (closed loop) navigation.
>                         Yet precision dead reconing is much harder
>                          than simple wall following.  I recommend
>                          we eliminate "Cognitive Navigation" from
>                          the score sheet.
> Can-Can       typo - notices should be noticed.
>                          Error - Standard soda cans are 12oz not 10oz.
>                          I don't think the cans should be painted unless
>                          contestant needs them painted.    Painting is
>                          covered by the "... Competitor may supply the
>                          cans ..."
>                          I recommend we allow contestants to use
>                          their own cans without any hassels.   Scratch
>                          the following "at the discretion of the judges.
>                          Permission must be applied for at least 15
>                          before the start of the first run, and a decision
>                          be made within 5 minutes of application."
>                           Clarification needed-  the rules do not specify
>                            orientation of the cans.   They are placed in
>                            upright position.
>                           Scoring -  reconizes can should be 10 points
>                           and brings can home should be 15.
>                           Scratch "Cognitive Navigation"


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