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DPRG: Robotic Locomotion

Subject: DPRG: Robotic Locomotion
From: Gary Croll gary.croll at ucr.edu
Date: Tue Sep 28 10:28:50 CDT 1999

I need some cheap, powerful motors, because this robot is
>going to be a beast! I've thought about hacking a couple of those big
>servos, but they're too expensive. And did I mention the motors need to
>be cheap? I'm talking about the sub $30 range each. Any help would be
>greatly appreciated!

Tristan, welcome to the world of robotics. If you haven't checked it out
yet, visit the Motor Tech section on the Robotics Club of Yahoo:


This section should answer most, if not all, of your questions about
powerful motors on the cheap.

Gary Croll (KE6GHS)
University of Ca.
B-221 Sproul Hall
voice (909) 787-3041
fax (909) 787-7282
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