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DPRG: Battery Needed/ Speaker question

Subject: DPRG: Battery Needed/ Speaker question
Date: Wed Sep 29 11:36:43 CDT 1999

)Beerbot needs a new bios backup battery. Jameco has one(pg 72 part# 119116),
)but I don't want to spend 4 dollars and then spend 5 on shipping. Is anyone
)of the Mall lunch group going to be ordering anything from them. Or does
)anyone need anything from them. Or does anyone know where I can get one, I
)looked around at the last first Saturday and was unable to find one. 

I could use some of the MAXIM parts for RS232 level translation. Say 4
of them. I don't have access to a Jameco catalogue at the moment. I'd
prefer the ones which don't need external caps, but will take any of

)Also question.
)When you buy computer speakers and they say magnetically shielded, what are
)they doing?

They put a thick piece of metal around the speaker magnet to constrain
the magnetic field.

)I would like to put a speaker in beerbot to connect to the sound card but I
)don't want to erase the harddrive. What would I need to do. I may also

Put the speaker two inches away and you should have no problem.
Actually, unless you are using an especially large magnet, so long as
the speaker is not actually in contact with the case it will probably
be ok. 

)one. Sound cards expect 4 or 8 ohm speakers? Jameco has a number of small
)speakers that would work. I would suppose that a small amplifier would be
)needed or do you think that for what I need the amp on the soundblaster 16
)is enought. If not, one of the groups in my department makes amps for


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