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DPRG: Battery Needed/ Speaker question

Subject: DPRG: Battery Needed/ Speaker question
From: Wade Maxfield maxfield at one.ctelcom.net
Date: Wed Sep 29 13:21:06 CDT 1999

   For price reasons, yes.

  The smaller the hard drive, the more it resists G forces.  If you get
notebook sized hard drives, they will survive on a mobile platform much
better than the standard 3.5" hard drives, and those survive better than
5" hard drives.

  note that if you use a 3.5" hard drive, you will suffer
greater gyroscopic effects.  as a matter of fact, a bad hard drive (bad
electronics, good motor) makes a great gyroscope.

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Peter Brunone wrote:

> Battery Needed/ Speaker questionNow remember, I'm just getting my feet wet, so I may ask a dumb question or two...
> Is it common practice to use standard PC parts (e.g. Bill's hard drive) and if so, what precautions are usually taken for shock absorbence?
>   From: James, Bill 
>   Also question. 
>   When you buy computer speakers and they say magnetically shielded, what are they doing? 
>   I would like to put a speaker in beerbot to connect to the sound card but I don't want to erase the harddrive. 


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