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[DPRG] Meeting re-cap

Subject: [DPRG] Meeting re-cap
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Mon Aug 7 16:45:21 CDT 2000

     DPRG Monthly Meeting  Aug 5th, 2000

       27 people    3 guests   6 robots

         Contest Course Committee

The committe has be discussing ideas but has no plans yet.
With only a month to the contest a new course might not
be a good idea.  Especially considering it may change
dimesions slightly.  I asked them to work on the exsisting
course to make it ready for the contest.   Perhaps they
can re-design and build new walls in one month.

      Prize Money Allocated

A motion was made to allocate $200 of club funds for
prize money for the upcoming contest.  The motion
was seconded and the vote passed.  Gift certificates
to the Robot Store are planned.   Also we will ask
Robot Store if they can match and/or donate anything

      Contest Judges

Jon Williams volunteered to be a judge.   We still
need two more judges, an assitant,  and timekeeper.

     Pepsi Kid-a-Round

Kip has a signup sheet for the labor day weekend event.
Help is needed to man the booth DPRG will have there.
Also we need robot related stuff to show/demo.

    AAAI Conference in Austin

Clay and Eric were able to see some of the conference
and gave descriptions of it.   Eric has posted pictures
on www.robotfun.com.  Not sure what link to click.

--------- Show and Tell  ----------------

Kevin Carter has a nearly completed bot using a
Tiny Tiger controller.   It has a keypad, LCD display,
and two sonar sensors.   Harware seems completed
with only software to go for Quick Trip and T-Time.

Paul Florian has made improvments to his line
follower since he last demoed it.   His revision 3
line follower uses no microcontroller.   I think
we should have a special award for bots that
can finish the contest without a microcontroller.

Frank ??? had an interesting looking walker
made with two servos and wire legs.   Not walking
yet but he's working on it.  He had some questions
about CMOS flip flops and the group was able
to help him out.

Jon Williams who writes the Stamp Application
column in Nuts & Volts magazine had lots
of products from Parallax.   He previewed some
of the new products from Parallax including some
new BS2 chips.   Jon now works for Parallax,
works out of his home and gets paid to play with
cool controller applications.   Everyone seemed
to envy his new job!   He donated some shirts
and BOE's to the club and hopes to donate more
in the future.

Clay Timmons had made some improvements to
his robot from the last contest.   He needs to
finishs a gripper and write some more software
to be able to collect cans.

James Koeffman had a neat lego tightrope walker.
It used two motors driving  pulleys to move along
a tight rope, string in this case.   It was working
fine until it fell to the ground and came apart in
a zillion pieces.   Tightropes can be dangerous!

Dennis Draheim had his little 4-day robot
>from the last meeting.   He had added code to
fuse the data from the 5 sensors to compute
the pseudo-force from obstacles.   It moves
in the direction of the least force.   It worked
quite well and a couple of kids had great fun
boxing it in.   It was quite musical programmed
to make notes according to the amount of
obstacle force it encoutered.

Dennis also had a tele-operated electric car
similar to the one last month but not as expensive.
Using a cheap RC car from Radio Shack and
a wireless TV transmitter from Frys he went
off driving around by watching the TV screen.

Dennis also had a GameBoy camera which are
available for $10 at toys-r-us web site (Wal-Mart also).
The data sheet for the chip inside is available and
much hacker information too.

Wow that was alot of typing,

-Clay Timmons-

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