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[DPRG] Electric speed control for RC car

Subject: [DPRG] Electric speed control for RC car
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Tue Aug 8 18:53:06 CDT 2000

I recently dusted off an old RC car (a Tamiya Frog), and want to get it

I bought a new NiCad battery pack for it, but remembered that it had a
cruddy mechanical speed control - the kind that uses a couble of 5W, low-Ohm
resistor to change the speed.

I looked at some solid-state speed controls at a hobby store, and they
ranged from about $50 to $120.  I'm guessing that the Rds(on) goes down as
the $$$ go up.  All the ones that I looked at were reversable.

Can anyone make a recommendation on which company makes a good one?  Or
perhaps a make or model to stay away from?

(Yeah, you guessed it...I want to build a video camera car, too!)


Jeff Koenig

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