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[DPRG] mower musings

Subject: [DPRG] mower musings
From: ro at botic.com ro at botic.com
Date: Wed Aug 9 14:35:49 CDT 2000

> > > 5.  Safety
> >
> > It also has a tilt sensor which seemed to stop the motor mometarily
> > when the unit was bumped.  When Eric Yundt lifted the mower while it
> > was running I was amazed how far he lifted it before it shut off.
> > About 30 degrees,  the front of the mower was about 2 feet in the
> > air!
> >

How about coupling the tilt sensor with a couple of LDR's to detect 
if it's being turned over. Light intensity would increase beyond 
some preprogrammed threshold killing the motor preferably with an 
electric brake.  

My two pence
"Technology marches on.  Over you or through you,
take your pick."      Attributed to Stewart Brand

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