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[DPRG] Re: Contest Course ideas from RPL

Subject: [DPRG] Re: Contest Course ideas from RPL
From: David P. Anderson dpa at io.isem.smu.edu
Date: Sat Aug 12 13:10:41 CDT 2000

Howdy all

Dennis Draheim wrote:

>> Kipton Moravec wrote:
>> There are two issues with the present course.  The first and most obvious is
>> the floor.  The carpet is not working like we thought it would.  It has
>> creases so big the small robots get hung up on it.
>It would be *really* nice if this could be addressed for the September contest.
>Replacing the carpet with a hard, flat floor of some type is, in my opinion,
>much more important than replacing the walls immediately.

What about using the Science Place Museum Floor itself?  I've run
my robot on it and it works fine for reckoning, is smooth and has
no creases.  Line following might be a little tricky, but it is
basically a black floor, although shiny.  My robot will follow the white
marble line on that black floor which defines the "ecliptic" running
across the lobby.  TTime and CanCan contests, which are what most people 
enter, will certainly work *better* on the marble floor than on the carpet.
Why sacrifice the bulk of the contests for 1 or 2 line followers?  

I propose that for the September contest we use our old foam board
walls and the Science Place floor, no carpet.  Maybe no line following.


PS:  Kip:  I think you shouldn't use TABs in your line art!  :)

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