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[DPRG] yet another floor mat'l option

Subject: [DPRG] yet another floor mat'l option
From: Dean Hall ra9483 at email.sps.mot.com
Date: Mon Aug 14 10:10:31 CDT 2000

The thin astroturf-style carpeting is cheap,
waterproof, can be hosed-off for cleaning,
holds-up under the wear-and-tear of a pontoon boat,
rolls up easily, yet still unrolls flat,
and comes in a variety of colors.
Pick green if you want a Dallas Cowbots field,
or brown or black for a darker field.
And it can always be spray painted for flat black.
Just needs a way to fasten it to some 
perimeter boards to hold it in place
and keep the wrinkles out.
(which is the real trick for all 
carpet-like mat'ls mentioned so far)

Other misc issues:

1. Clay is right, don't change the course mat'l 
	for the Contest in Sept.  It's too close.
2. I'm building a bot for Sept.  Be very afraid <smiley>.
3. I have a rough draft of my adaptive speed-control doc.
	Once this bot is built, I'll test the algorithms.



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