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Subject: [DPRG] URL for your viewing pleasure
From: Marty Vulk mastervulk at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Aug 14 17:57:26 CDT 2000

Hello All,
I have recently begun working on robotics (Jan. of
this year).  I was excited to find the DPRG because I
live North of Fort Worth in North Richland Hills. 
I've been working on BEAM (Biological Electrical
Aesthetic Mechanisms), and progress is very slow yet
very rewarding.  I spoke with Jim Brown and he said I
should post my site, so... For the little I've done,
go to http://www.kineticfountain.com/beam.html 

Feel free to drop me a line.  I'll put some links on
that page in the next week or two (links are like food
for surfers).


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