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Subject: [DPRG] Contest Course
From: Charles thurston at ntrnet.net
Date: Wed Aug 16 05:57:31 CDT 2000

Howdy Robert,

For the duct tape check the larger automotive shops that specialise in
racing products....The Nascar guys use it and I have seen widths up to
6 inches wide.  There used to be a shop in Grand Prarie <sp> on Hwy 80
that  I would get it from, But I have been out of the area too long to
remember  the name.  It is about 2 miles east of Six Flags mall on the
north side of the street...... Could be  Harry's Hot Rod shop.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000, you wrote:

RLJ> David,

RLJ> Do you think taping foam both sides of the walls with a 3/8 dowel in between would work?(wall thickness = 3/8") I picture the tape touching on both sides of the dowel at the end or the wall.
RLJ> This would form sort of a double hinge.
RLJ> __        ___ 
RLJ> __|=O=|___

RLJ> The sequence left to right across the picture would be like this.
RLJ> wall, wall & tape both sides, two layers of tape, tape & dowel, two layers of tape, wall & tape both sides, wall

RLJ>  Now where to get wide white duck tape.

RLJ> Robert L. Jordan

 Charles                            mailto:thurston at ntrnet.net

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