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[DPRG] Get those bots ready! Big Prizes

Subject: [DPRG] Get those bots ready! Big Prizes
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Thu Aug 17 18:01:41 CDT 2000

I just spoke with Robot Store about gift certificates
and they were willing to match funds!    Our club's
$200 + $200 matching donation = $400 total.

Line Following      1st   $60    2nd   $30     3rd  $10
Quick Trip             1st   $60    2nd   $30     3rd  $10
T-Time                  1st   $60    2nd   $30     3rd  $10
Can-Can                1st   $60    2nd   $30     3rd  $10

12 chances to win!   $400 in cash prizes so far!
All these prizes and more!  Stay tuned!

31 days to go!  Plenty of time to build a robot.
No excuses - Just Do It!

Don't make me win three 1st prizes again!
I wan't some real competition this time.
My robot saw it's first can today!
What did your robot do today?

Your robot too cheesy to win?   Don't let that
stop you.   Competitors may not show,  competitors
may break down, competitors may be busy with
a newborn!   You could be the only robot
to achive the primary objective!   Judges may
like your craftsmanship.

Think positive -  It's not really that hard to
build a robot.   How hard is Quick Trip?
Could mean some quick cash.

You know what you need to build,  now
go build it!    You're in a robotics club.
People expect you to build a robot!
Learn by doing.   Reality is a great teacher!

Pepsi Kid-A-Round will be a perfect
testing ground for RoboReliability!

Imagine yourself 20, 30, or 40 years from now...
Will you be able  to tell people you actually built
your own robot way back in the year 2000.   I will.

-Clay Timmons-     Head RoboMotivator,   Dallas Personal Robotics Group

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