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[DPRG] Robot Mower

Subject: [DPRG] Robot Mower
From: Charles thurston at ntrnet.net
Date: Thu Aug 17 18:56:51 CDT 2000

Howdy DPRG,

  There  is  an article in the July/August 2000  issue of " The Family
  Handyman  "  Magazine page 91 about a robot mower that runs loose in
  the yard all the time, When the battery gets low it seeks out a weirs
  buried  in  the yard that leads it back to the charging station and
  it  "  docks"   When charged it goes on about it's mowing..  I found
  the copy I got at  Home Depo.

Thank You,
 Charles                          mailto:thurston at ntrnet.net

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