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[DPRG] Get those bots ready!

Subject: [DPRG] Get those bots ready!
From: Dean Hall ra9483 at email.sps.mot.com
Date: Fri Aug 18 16:01:15 CDT 2000

Clay "our Hero" Timmons wrote:
> 31 days to go!  Plenty of time to build a robot.

Agreed, one month is time enough to get a bot
to do QuickTrip and T-Time.  Last contest we saw
how they could both be done completely without
a micro via wall following.

If you have 24x7 available, it can be done in 1 week.
But for more realistic hours, here's the 6-week schedule
I've been following to get ready for RoboRama2000b:

	Wk	Tasks
	1	Chassis, motors, batteries
	2	Wheels, bumpers, computer
	3	encoders, infrared distance
	4	ultrasonic, software
	5	software
	6	software

Normally I alot half the time for building 
and half the time for programming.  
Nothing yields succes like looping through
the practice-reprogram cycle a few hundred times.

Man, I'm getting butterflies!

> I just spoke with Robot Store about gift certificates
> and they were willing to match funds!    Our club's
> $200 + $200 matching donation = $400 total.

Bravo!  Well done Clay!  
Begging for funds is never a pleasant task;
(having funds for them to match is more reasonable)
but the results sure are nice!


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