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Good questions. I answered them below.
Robert L. Jordan
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1.)  WOuld you please list the pros/cons of servos vs gear motors for robotic locomotion apps. For what  applications are servos used in robotics?
Servos are cheap easy and slow. A good combination for beginning roboteers.
Servos can be used for small inexpensive gearhead motors by connecting directly to the motor and driving with an HBridge.
Servos are often use for locomotion , motor and transmission. Servos are also are used to change small electrical signals from a processor into an easily pretty much predictable mechanical linear or rotational motion.
2.)  You mentioned caterpillar steering in your article. It that the same as the popular 2 wheel drive/ caster  configuration?
Caterpillar steering is like a caterpillar tractor. Two tracks that can go forward, reverse, or stop independently of the tracks on the other side. The Skatebot has the 2 wheels on each side driven in unison.
3.)  How does the skateboard turn? Seems that the tripod configuration
would be more precise. Stop one side and control a gentle turn with the wheels on the other side. Or turn one side forward and the other side in reverse to turn about in the toy's own wheel base, fast. The two wheel drive with a skid or caster gives better control in turning. Caterpillar style turning gives faster turns and more traction. This is necessary for FAST robots. You sacrifice accuracy for control at speeds. You should see the Skatebot scream around the Kitchen floor with out hitting anything. This will recruit new Robot hobbyist much quicker than any accurate robot I have seen!
4.)  Can I buy bs2 directly from you? If your price is the same as parallax, I would be happy to but them from 	you.
Yes. I sell Parallax, Inc. Stamps-in-Class (Educational) products. I sell for less to support our robotics friends and our own addiction to the hobby :). See below.

Tom Evans

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Robert L. Jordan
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