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[DPRG] Semiconducting Projectiles

Subject: [DPRG] Semiconducting Projectiles
From: Elliot Johnson elliotjo at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Aug 20 22:42:24 CDT 2000

I was trying to get a couple of motors working with a TI 754410 H-Bridge
chip.  I tried hooking it up on a breadboard in a simple circuit, just
the two power supplies, ground, one motor, and the inputs connected to
an inverter.  I used a 12V battery connected directly to the motor
supply and then used a 7805 to power the logic supply.  However, when I
connected the power to the battery, there was a small crackle and a
spark shot from the chip about 8-9 inches into the the air and the motor
didn't even move.  After disconnecting the battery, I found a small hole
on the top of the chip from the plastic being knocked out.  I've checked
the circuit for the right voltages, checked all the connections, and
looked at some others' circuits on the internet.  I can't find anything
that looks suspicious.  Was it just a defective chip or has anyone else
run into this problem?  Any help is appreciated, I don't want to ruin
another one trying to find out if it is a problem with the circuit or
just a bad part.

Elliot johnson

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