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[DPRG] Judges needed for Robot contest

Subject: [DPRG] Judges needed for Robot contest
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Wed Aug 23 08:16:35 CDT 2000

We need two more judges for RoboRama 2000b.
To be qualified you must

   1)  Want to be a judge
   2)   Understand the 4 event rules and scoring

For being a judges you get

   1) A front row seat
   2) A chair to sit in
   3) Free scoring sheets
   4) Power of authority, all judges decisions final
   5) Your name on the video
   6)  Big $$$ bribes from contestants (just kidding)

As you can clearly see the benefits far outweigh
the costs.   Signup now before these two choice
spots are gone.

Any volunteers?

-Clay Timmons-

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