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[DPRG] Multi-robot communication

Subject: [DPRG] Multi-robot communication
From: Ed Koffeman edk at kinetric.com
Date: Fri Aug 25 20:31:19 CDT 2000

Perhaps you could try putting a polarized filter (plastic sunglasses?) in
front of both units, so that the bounced light might not be so easily

If you add some error checking to the signal it might help you ignore bad
transmissions.  You could send three times and either take the 2 out of
three or ignore it if you don't get all 3 the same.

You could also reduce the output intensity a little so that reflected light
is not sufficiently bright, but a direct beam is.

Ed Koffeman

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>From: "Sanjay Agrawal" <sanjaya at home.com>
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Subject: [DPRG] Multi-robot communication

> I've been working on getting 2-3 robots to cooperate w/each other, and
> I've run into a small problem.  One robot pulses 38kHz IR to send bits,
> and another robot is supposed to receive the bits and take appropriate
> action.  But the IR is bouncing off walls, since it's normally used for
> obstacle avoidance, and so my follower robots can't locate the source
> robot.  Also, the reflected signal sometimes changes the bits a little,
> causing mis-communication.  I faintly remember reading/seeing a $20 RF
> module somewhere, but I've forgotten where.  Do you have any ideas for
> other ways (inexpensive, of course) that I could get the robots to
> communicate?  The only non-IR stuff I've found is Parallax's RF modules
> which cost $60-100.  And I don't need complex data to be sent back and
> forth - I only need to differentiate between about 5 different commands.
> Thanks,
> -Sanjay Agrawal
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