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[DPRG] Such is JEB.00b

Subject: [DPRG] Such is JEB.00b
From: eric at tmatrix.net eric at tmatrix.net
Date: Tue Aug 29 00:16:22 CDT 2000


JEB.00b ("jeb-dot-double-aught-bee") has started to take shape
in Barry's garage over several recent _long_ RBNO's...


After many interesting engineering experiments, explorations, and
uh, excursions... we've started to dial in a pretty dandy and very
flexible Robot Platform/Body.  We're almost to the point where we
can take any motor (within reason) and apply it to just about any
useful gear ratio (again within reason).

We are currently considering a "floating gear finger" scheme as
the gear train "piece de resistance" and then it's on to batteries,
brains, and beautification.

Stay tuned!

Team JEB

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