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[DPRG] Meeting re-cap

Subject: [DPRG] Meeting re-cap
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Mon Jul 17 09:23:19 CDT 2000


27 attendees,  8 robots

Contest course committe -  RoboRama course is being re-designed.

Pepsi-Kid-Around -   Again this year DPRG will run a booth at this
                                            Fund raiser.   Kip has sign up sheet for time slots.

RoboRama 2000b  -  Robotics  contest in 2 months!

Best of DPRG  show and tell -   Excellent turn out with some really cool stuff.

Ralph Tenny -   Has an external zip drive for sale.

Eric ?   -  Is a new member with  a new robot base.
                  He used metal mounts for 2x4's  for motor mounts.
                  He is using a BotBoard II but having problems with PCBug.

Paul Florian   - Has a new drive section for his line follower using
                              right angle gear motors from MPJA   http://www.mpja.com

Tom Day  -  Had his modified Robot Commando toy modifed to use
                         a Basic-X controller.   It was moving nicely with a slight
                         veer to one side.

Kevin Carter - Had a really nifty Robot Bug built from a kit.  It
                              was a 6 legged walker made with laser cut plywood.
                               Kit is from Mechatronics,  Mr. Robot is the distributor.

Craig Reynolds -    Had a bot made from the wooden ends of wire spools.
                                    It uses a laptop with a speech synthesiser capable of
                                     speaking in several different voices.   Also it had wireless
                                     video using X-10 tranmitter/receiver.

Dennis Draheim  -   Has his robot "Rover" from a past contest.   It uses bump
                                       sensors and IR.    He mentioned re-design work being
                                       done to Ortho of Borg so that the motor doesn't blow out.
                                       Dennis also had a cool little robot he built in 4-days!
                                        It had 5  Sharp GPD2??? sensor for obstical detection.
                                        The robot fits inside a red plastic housing from a rotating light.

David Martineau -   Had a breadboard with a circuit to control RC - servos using
                                        a 555 timer.   He also had Boxy-Roxy lego robot and Susan Calvin
                                         lego robot with a nice can gripper on the front.

Sanjay  ?   -   Is working on a nifty idea to have 3 robots co-operate with each other.
                          The robots will be light sensitve and will be programmed to clear out
                           an area around the light.    The robots will head to the light and push
                           any obstacles away from the lighted area.  He is using OOPic controllers.

David Anderson -  Had his SR04 robot that is the clubs only robot truly capable of
                                     locating and retrieving soda cans.   David also had a RC-car
                                     with a  video camera and transmitter.   Using a TV to see what the
                                      car's camera sees he was able to drive the tele-operated car around
                                      the room quite well.   He had some video tape of the car driving
                                      thru his house at high speeds.

Standard Disclaimer -   Sorry for any typos, incorect information, ommisions   etc.
                                             It ain't easy to take accurate notes of the whole meeting.

Extra Disclaimer  -  Sorry for the delay.  I usually try to have meeting minutes out
                                       in a few days but too many higher priority interrupts happend last week.

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