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[DPRG] medical report

Subject: [DPRG] medical report
From: Ralph Tenny rten at metronet.com
Date: Thu Jul 20 15:17:29 CDT 2000

For those who haven't heard, the following tells what happened that I
still haven't had my oral surgery:

I'm sorry for the delay in this report; I've been a bit busy.

The hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatments finished on 6/28. On 7/5 a pre-
admission non-fasting blood test before my scheduled oral surgery showed 
blood sugar over 400 (130 is normal). A similar non-fasting test by my own 
doctor on 7/6 confirmed the condition. 

After four days on "legal" dietetic food, a new, fasting blood test showed 
200. The good news is that the condition could be an artifact of two 
competing medical problems. The fair news is that if I keep it, the 
diabetes will be controllable with a single pill a day, which I'm now 
taking. Out with the teeth -- soon! 

This I have recently learned -- surgery on any part of your body that has 
been irradiated gives you a high probability of contracting either soft 
tissue radionecrosis or osteoradionecrosis (in the bone). These are BAD
THINGS -- open, non-healing wounds in either tissue or bone. 


If you or a friend is facing surgery after radiation, go to the web and 
search for (keywords) "hyperbaric oxygen", osteoradionecrosis, and "soft 
tissue radionecrosis". What I found scared me silly (too polite, not 
expressive enough!) 

The bottom line -- except for emergency surgery for an immediate, life-
threatening situation, insist on HBO. Insurance companies tend to spring 
for preventive HBO treatments -- I shared the hyperbaric chamber with one 
person who didn't have the treatments before surgery. This person never 
leaves the hospital; that week brought their treatment count up to 60 
treatments, with, apparently, no end in sight. 

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