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[DPRG] Fwd: Hi! Can you help me.

Subject: [DPRG] Fwd: Hi! Can you help me.
From: Jim Brown james_121 at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Jul 23 07:02:47 CDT 2000

--- Aravind Prasad <a_prasad at pol.net.in> wrote:
> From: "Aravind Prasad" <a_prasad at pol.net.in>
> To: <jbrown at dprg.org>
> Subject: Hi! Can you help me.
> Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 09:22:39 +0530
> Dear Sir/Madam!
> I am a robotics enthusiast. The word Amatuer may be too
> good for me. I
> rigged up a robot. I have used the idea presented on your
> website about
> modulating the IR siganls. That's cool and works wonders.
> One problem still
> exists though.
> The robot escaped all the obstacles successfully only to
> tumble down the
> stairs into the cellar. I dont have time to do my own
> R&D. So can you direct
> me to some website or webpage which has an idea about how
> to tackle this
> problem. It would of great help if even the circuit ideas
> are given. I would
> be very grateful to you if you helped me in this respect.
> Thanking You
> Yours sincerely,
> Aravind Prasad.

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