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[DPRG] Can't talt to BotBoard2

Subject: [DPRG] Can't talt to BotBoard2
From: Emjak Emjak at mindspring.com
Date: Thu Jun 15 22:27:12 CDT 2000

I made a loop back plug and it worked just like you said on my
hyperterminal.  So the port must be working.
Today, I tried the pcbug software going at the 100khz rate.  This time I was
able to see the alarms on the screen before they disappeared.
I get:
  "Register Read Terminated"
  "Register Write Terminated"
  "Register Read Terminated"

Any ideas??  I can't change the register of the hc11 unless I can
communicate with the controller.
Maybe I'll just change out the 8M clock crystal.


> Use a loop-back plug. You can make one easy enough, just solder the pins
> a 9 pin d-shell connector then plug it into your machine while running
> hyperterminal.  Anything you type should appear on the screen with echo
> turned off. The pin-out is like this -
> DB-9F Serial Loopback Plug Wiring
> Pin 2 to 3
> (Xmit to Rec)
> Pin 7 to 8 to 9
> (RTS to CTS to RI)
> Pin 6 to 1 to 4
> (DSR to CD to DTR)
> One other thing you may look at, is making all the connections except XMT,
> RCV, and GND and then connecting it to your PCB.  ( The host computer
> sometimes needs to see these signals to work. )

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