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[DPRG] Linux source

Subject: [DPRG] Linux source
From: Charles thurston at ntrnet.net
Date: Sun Jun 25 21:46:43 CDT 2000

Howdy Ralph,

Do you mind if I ask...... What is EDN  ??

Sunday, June 25, 2000, you wrote:

RT> I opened my EDN, and out popped a CD "Hard Hat Linux -- Journeyman
RT> Edition" from Montavista Software Inc. www.mvista.com;
RT> journeyman at mvista.com.

RT> Interesting comments from the sleeve:
RT> Embedded Cross Development Kit with Real-Time Scheduler kernel

RT> And

RT> Small footprint system demo run from a floppy, featuring Linux and
RT> Microwindows.
RT> Ralph

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