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[DPRG] Linux & PID

Subject: [DPRG] Linux & PID
From: Jeff Koenig jkoenig at airmail.net
Date: Mon Jun 26 19:30:25 CDT 2000

On Hard Hat Linux:

I got the Hard Hat Linux CD today in the mail (actually, I got two, but I've
given the second one away).  I don't have my copy of EDN in front of me, but
a section that I read said that anyone could request a CD.  I'll try to get
the contact info tomorrow.


The July issue of Circuit Cellar is devoted to Robotics.  The good news is
that the feature article is on PIC-based PID control of a DC motor with
encoder feedback. (Great timing, huh Robert?)  The rotten news is that it
seems like the article (haven't read it yet, just got home) is only
concerned with using a pre-programmed chip available from JR Kerr
Engineering for $35.  (Editorial Soapbox:  If this article doesn't have some
good technical info, Circuit Cellar is going to get a nasty-gram from me.
Crap like this is what sank Radio Electronics in the early '80's.  Dammit, I
don't wanna read an advertisement masquerading as an article).


Jeff Koenig

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