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[DPRG] Muscle Wire robot

Subject: [DPRG] Muscle Wire robot
From: Joseph Whitmore whitmorj at msoe.edu
Date: Fri Jun 30 12:57:50 CDT 2000

What is it about the current robots that prevent them from generating the power
surges they say are needed to drive the motors. I always power motors and the
like from a separate power supply than the electronics, and then drive them with
relay like devices. Depending on the power sources used for the motors  limits
the amount of power. IE, RC cars and their motors 300+ amps when accelerating
>from a stop. And this is from relatively cheap NiCads. Can also be done with the
lead acid batteries.

This article has me confused. Are there things that they are leaving out. Or are
they trying to create more hype than what is really applicable.

Thanks for your comments in advance.

Joseph L. Whitmore

Sluggy wrote:

> "McQuay, Michael" wrote:
> > Check out the "BiRoD" robot in this article.  It's the first time I've seen
> > a robot that actually uses those little actuators that contain muscle wire.
> Very interesting, though I am more interested in the power system. I
> wish there were more details on it...
> Sluggy!
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