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[DPRG] Vision system

Subject: [DPRG] Vision system
From: McQuay, Michael Michael.McQuay at wilcom.com
Date: Mon May 1 13:10:32 CDT 2000


	I saw your robot perform at RoboRama 2000a and was impressed with
the way it could follow the line using a webcamera.

Since then, I've been meaning to ask you for a little more information about
how your robot actually does that (follows the line).  I'm assuming that
you're probably using a USB camera (is this correct?), but what kind of
software are you using to do the image processing?  Are you using something
that someone else has written, or did you totally write your own software
that interprets the signal from the camera, processes it, determines where
the line is, and decides what action to take?

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