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[DPRG] Vision system

Subject: [DPRG] Vision system
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Mon May 1 14:27:57 CDT 2000


I'm using a Connectix QuickCam.   It connects to the parallel port,
not USB.   I don't think the QuickCam greyscale is made anymore
but there are tons of them out there that no one uses anymore so you
can pick them up cheap.

I wrote all my own code.   It's written in C using Borland C/C++ version
4.51.  I was able to get the developer specifications from Connectix by
signing a non-disclosure agreement.   Found code and reverse engineering
info for the QuickCam on the web anyway.

Image processing is trivial for line following.   I just scan across one
line of the image to find where the first white pixel is.  Steering algorithm
is the same as if you were using discreet sensors.    I just use a camera
and get 80 pixels which is like 80 discreet sensors.   80 is more than
I really needed to steer so I end up dividing the 80 pixels into 11 zones
(like 11 discreet sensors).  Using a camera for line following is massive
overkill but this is a good stepping stone toward my goal of using the camera
to find cans.

A USB camera would be great since they are so cheap these days.
There should be some off the shelf C code to frame capture.


-Clay Timmons-

"McQuay, Michael" wrote:

> Clay,
>         I saw your robot perform at RoboRama 2000a and was impressed with
> the way it could follow the line using a webcamera.
> Since then, I've been meaning to ask you for a little more information about
> how your robot actually does that (follows the line).  I'm assuming that
> you're probably using a USB camera (is this correct?), but what kind of
> software are you using to do the image processing?  Are you using something
> that someone else has written, or did you totally write your own software
> that interprets the signal from the camera, processes it, determines where
> the line is, and decides what action to take?
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