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[DPRG] Help needed this Sat at TSP

Subject: [DPRG] Help needed this Sat at TSP
From: Clay Timmons ctimmons at cadence.com
Date: Mon May 1 14:41:23 CDT 2000


Several volunteers are needed for judging a robotics contest.
The contest is this Saturday May 6 from 10 a.m. - Noon at The Science Place.
If DPRG helps with this we will get a RoboMow robotic lawn mower.
Note that our club meeting is Saturday also from Noon - 2pm.

I don't have much info on this event.  There will be  around 30 kids
>from area Boys and Girls Clubs coming to participate.  Ages about 8 -10.
Their task is to draw or build their ideal personal robot.  Attached is
the info that I have on this.

Also we need robots to demo, working or not.
    David Anderson ??  SR04
     James Vroman ??    walker, line follower
     Barry Jordan  ??    robot arm
     Lego bots ??

Please let me know if you can help.   I will be there which will make
me a bit late for the regular meeting.


-Clay Timmons-


Robotics curriculum

What is a robot?

Many things in your home have computer chips or can be programmed like your VCR or the thermostat, but are not considered robots.

Webster?s dictionary says a robot is an automatic device that performs functions that people normally perform.

A robot is a machine that gathers information about its environment and uses that information to follow instructions and do work. Robots come in all
shapes and sizes. Robots are used in factories, in space, during surgery, in the ocean and even around your house.

You will soon have the opportunity to design and build your own robot, using (crayons, markers, toothpicks, whatever arts and crafts supplies are

You will be asked to design a robot to accomplish a specific task, like tying your shoes or making your bed, whatever you want a robot to do for you.

Things to think about?

What does the robot look like? Is there a reason for it to look as it does?

How does the robot "know" or figure out what's around it or where it is?

How does the robot move? Does it have wheels, can it walk, etc.?

How does the robot move other objects within its environment?

How is the robot powered? Does it use batteries?  Do you plug it in?

What situations or tasks for which it makes more sense to use robots rather than humans?

How do you communicate with your robot? Would you talk to it, press buttons, type words, make gestures?

Suggested post-design activities:

In what ways did the robots you created differ from each other?

Why do robots need to be different for different kinds of tasks?

What other tasks are particularly suited to robots rather than humans?

What tasks are robots likely to do in the future that they aren't doing now?

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