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[DPRG] PC computer

Subject: [DPRG] PC computer
From: Dennis Draheim ddra at airmail.net
Date: Wed May 3 15:58:53 CDT 2000

> "James, Bill" wrote:
> Dennis, do you have the web address for that small pc you guys were
> using in your cube robot.


Here's a link for the PC that Tom and I are using in Ortho of Borg. 
After Tom bought two of these mail order, he found a number of them at a
junk yard in Fort Worth (and bought them all); the only thing is, they
don't have AC adaptors or power supply fans, and they had been left out
in the rain, so we're not sure they work.  So if you want a reliable
one, it's probably best to get one from the site below.

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	Subject: Possible CPU
	Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 23:04:13 -0600
	From: Tom Gralewicz <mot at ieee.org>
	To: ddra at airmail.net

	check out:


	Sounds like a possible alternative to the board you are using.  
	3 serial ports and one 16 bit slot.

	Tom Gralewicz
	mot at ieee.org

> Also, any that bought a pc-104 board from tanners and want to sell it
> to me, I am looking for one to buy. I would gladly give a little extra
> for one. I understood they were not too expensive.

I have one of the PC-104 boards from Tanners.  I paid $40 for it, but I
haven't been able to get it to boot.  It may not have a BIOS loaded, I'm
not sure.  I'd be willing to part with it for what I paid.  After
looking at the price for PC-104 add-on cards, I've decided that they're
too expensive for my tastes.


> I need to get beerbot running.
> Thanks
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