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Subject: [DPRG] OEM BASIC Stamp II Kit
From: McQuay, Michael Michael.McQuay at wilcom.com
Date: Tue May 9 10:58:07 CDT 2000

That's a nice alternative!  I wasn't aware it was available.
Of course, if you're really cheap, you can go with a Homebrew BS2.
You can order it from http://www.phanderson.com/
It costs $21, and shipping is about $2.  That $23 total!

Of course the BS2 Homebrew isn't quite as complete as the OEM BASIC Stamp II
- Kit.
It doesn't include the etched circuit board, the header pins, the 5 volt
regulator or the 9pin DB connector.  And it uses 3 IC's instead of two.
It's functionally identical to a BS2, but uses different physical parts.

I just got one in the mail last week and have started assembling it, but
haven't had time to finish it yet.
I'm looking forward to getting to tinker with it!

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>From: Fred H. Ennenga [mailto:fredenn at mctcnet.net]
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Subject: [DPRG] OEM BASIC Stamp II Kit

Has anyone tried this cheaper alternative to the BS2?

I'm just a beginner but this looks pretty cool.


OEM BASIC Stamp II - Kit  $34.00 

Fred Ennenga
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