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[DPRG] Super-flat sensor ideas?

Subject: [DPRG] Super-flat sensor ideas?
From: Douglas Kilgore dougkilgore at home.com
Date: Fri May 12 10:51:41 CDT 2000

What about capacitive touch switches.  I've seen them used in lamps and
elevators.  No moving parts - just a metal button.  It uses the change
in capacitance when your hand touches the plate to trigger the circuit.

Electronics Now ( or formerly Radio-Electronics) had a build-it project
a number of years ago.

Doug Kilgore  KD5OUG

Patrick Innes wrote:

> electronics, though I'm still at the "guess and see"
> stage for coming up with the touch sensors.  They're
> supposed to be affixed to a plaster sculpture of a
> human torso, so I'm trying to make them as low-profile
> as possible -- the effect isn't supposed to be, "Hey
> look!  Buttons to push!", so I'm trying to shoot for
> super-flat switches.  This is for a student project,
> so low-cost (preferably zero) is important as well.

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