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[DPRG] tutebot brain breadboard layout question

Subject: [DPRG] tutebot brain breadboard layout question
From: Dan Miner miner at centtech.com
Date: Sat May 13 09:13:25 CDT 2000

I don't know if any of these will work but try these experiments.

1) Remove D1 (replace with a wire).

2) (I think this is the problem) your 2 bumper switches are
  wired into the wrong place in the circuit.  The N.O. contact
  needs to connect to one side of R3 or R7.  Connect the N.O.
  contacts to the common point between R7/C2 and R3/C1.

3) After you get it reversing, R1/R2 and R5/R6 will control how
  long it will reverse for.  If you leave these out, it will reverse for
  a VERY long time.  You will need R1/R2 and R5/R6 installed
  after you get it to reverse.

FYI - It looks like you have the second edition of the book.
I have the first edition and the schematic is different.
Basically the same thing, just drawn different.

				- Dan Miner

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> From: olio [mailto:olio at fornet.net]
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> Subject: [DPRG] tutebot brain breadboard layout question
> i've been working on building the tute bot brain from _mobile robots:
> inspiration to implementation_ - -it's my first project in
> elecronics...  and i'd really appreciate some feedback on 
> what i've done
> so far.  
> a diagram of the breadboard layout (as it appears today) can be found
> at:
> http://www.botic.com/users/olio/bread.html
> and the tutebot brain schematic is at:
> http://www.botic.com/users/olio/brain.html
> (just in case you don't have the book in your lap.)
> the main problem all along, no matter what i've done, is that 
> the motors
> aren't reversing when the switces are closed.
> well, i made a few varriations to the book design - and i 
> know that i've
> digressed from the book ( at least in some ways ) - but i did 
> begin with
> that in mind and i tried building it just as it appears in 
> the book -but
> it never worked then...
> so i'm really asking about the state that it exists now.  whats wrong
> with it -as is - not in relation to the book.
> anyway, all thoughts will be very appreciated, cause my eyes are too
> foggy to see things anymore - 
> thanks.
> miguel
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