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[DPRG] tutebot brain breadboard layout question

Subject: [DPRG] tutebot brain breadboard layout question
From: olio olio at fornet.net
Date: Sat May 13 10:02:34 CDT 2000

thanks for looking dan.  i was just tinkering with it.  i used another
type relay - and i'm currently in the middle of setting it up like the
other one.  on a few tests that i've done so far, it turns on the side
with the new relay - but not the other side, but it isnt' reversing.  i
haven't done anything that you suggested yet,,,, but i will after i send

and yeah, i have the 2nd ed.  it came with an insert making some changes
in the circuit, materials, and even a better (though not nearly as good
as mine :^) diagram of the breadboard...  i _still_ can't tell what the
hell all of those teency lines stand for in their drawing.

D1 is in the 2nd ed schematic though... isn't it in the 1st ed?

oh - i never got around to listing the exact materials that i had
but the cap across the motor is larger than the suggested cap size - i'm
using 25v 47uF - and the motors are really small.  think that's too

i didn't have anything smaller except 470nK and 33nK caps - - those
_are_ smaller, aren't they???

thanks again. 
> http://www.botic.com/users/olio/bread.html

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