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[DPRG] HELP! PIC12C67x programmer needed ASAP!

Subject: [DPRG] HELP! PIC12C67x programmer needed ASAP!
From: Ed Koffeman edk at kinetric.com
Date: Sat May 13 20:11:53 CDT 2000

I have an old Parallax unit that I have upgraded to WinPep from Carmacon,
and it lists both of those parts.  It is connected via the serial port.

You are welcome to borrow it.

I live 8 minutes south of Midlothian.

Ed Koffeman

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>From: Dan Miner <miner at centtech.com>
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Sent: Saturday, May 13, 2000 7:23 PM
Subject: [DPRG] HELP! PIC12C67x programmer needed ASAP!

> I'm working on a project that needs to be done in the
> next day or 2 and I just discovered that my PICstart Plus
> programmer has firmware too old to program the chip I
> have choosen (PIC12C672 or PIC12CE674).
> Is there anyone in Texas with a programmer to program
> PIC12C67x parts?  Or does someone have a PIC17C44 that
> I could buy/borrow to upgrade my programmer?
> I'd prefer something close to Austin, but I'm desperate
> enough that I'll drive if I have to...
> - Dan
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