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[DPRG] tutebot brain breadboard layout question

Subject: [DPRG] tutebot brain breadboard layout question
From: olio olio at fornet.net
Date: Sun May 14 23:08:21 CDT 2000

> > god it works.  HOW did you know to do that?  it isn't in the schematic
> > ...(is it?)
> That is the way the schematic is.
> A degree in Computer Engineering helps me a little sometimes.  :-)

ok, i trust you, but can you explain exactly how i should have/could
have understood that just from looking at the book schematic...?

one side of the S1 connects to the Vcc branch, the other has to connect
with two diodes - if we use them, but i'm not cause i split the whole
thing.  after that it looks like S1 would connect ... uh, oh.  

(looking back now, after i know the answer, it seems a <little> more
obvious...<grin>  but it appears more like it should connect only with
the pos side of the Cap ... and not split between cap and R3(the
resitsor from trans base)

_that's the confusing things_  how'd it jump over the C1 connection?

if we put the Pot back in, would it need to have a common connection
between Cap and Middle (adjustable) leg of the pot?  


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