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[DPRG] can i hack the shaft enocoder in a mouse?

Subject: [DPRG] can i hack the shaft enocoder in a mouse?
From: LO VENG CHEONG d961706 at wkg1.umac.mo
Date: Tue May 16 13:43:24 CDT 2000

  Do anyone know how to hack the shaft enocoders in a mouse for doing
feedback control of dc motors for the wheels?
  I have opened the mouse and seeing then there a control chip in a small
circuit board but I have no idea on the specification of the chip and i
have tried to find the datasheet of the chip but i failed. I guess that
the chip for different mouses should be similar so I try to ask whether
anyone know about that.
  Also, any information about the shaft encoders are wellcome to me!

Thank you!

Raymond Law in asia

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