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[DPRG] RE: can i hack the shaft enocoder in a mouse?

Subject: [DPRG] RE: can i hack the shaft enocoder in a mouse?
From: Robert Harris trebor at wco.com
Date: Tue May 16 21:28:14 CDT 2000

| From:	HBRobotics at WildRice.com [mailto:HBRobotics at WildRice.com] On Behalf
| have tried to find the datasheet of the chip but i failed. I guess that
| the chip for different mouses should be similar so I try to ask whether
| anyone know about that.

don't know much about em, but that's not a bad idea.  i would probably chuck
out the circuitry from the mouse and run the output from the optical encoder
into your own counter circuit or micro-controller (preferable on an
interrupt line).  the only critical spec you need is the operating voltage
of the emitter and detector which can easily be measured, and probably 5v.

|   Also, any information about the shaft encoders are wellcome to me!

i have bumped into a motor that generated a sine wave whose frequency is
proportional to the speed.  i fed the wave straight into a micro-controller
and it worked good as a counter until the motor speed got real low, then the
wave flattened out.  it was a nice clean package, though a little heavy.
anybody know what one of these is called?  if you live in the bay area, i
know where you can one (and only one) cheap.


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