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[DPRG] tutebot brain breadboard layout question

Subject: [DPRG] tutebot brain breadboard layout question
From: Shea.DAVIS at st.com Shea.DAVIS at st.com
Date: Wed May 17 09:50:35 CDT 2000

	AND Gates are sold in IC packages.  I think that the package part Number
is LS8032, but dont quote me on it. If you look in a data book, you can
get the actual part number.

Shea Davis

> Shea.DAVIS at st.com wrote:
> > 
> > Miguel,
> >         Try runing the signal through an AND gate. 
> in theory, i know what an AND gate is... but i'm new to electronics 
> i dont' know how to make it...:^(  --i know that sounds lame-o--
> do you use transistors for AND gates?  (i honestly have no idea)  
> can you send me a circuit that could help demonstrate?
> thanks lots for replying
> miguel
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